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Improved Ignition Device and Spark Generator for Industrial Flares and Boiler

Oil fields, refineries, water treatment plants, waste dumps and other installations have flares to burn off excess gas, such as methane. These flares are constructed in such a way were a commercially available igniter (spark generator) is used to ignite a gas stream traveling up a flare stack. When the gas reaches the top of the gas stack the igniter is turned on. The igniter generates sparks across an electrode, which reaches into the gas stream. If everything is working as designed, the sparks ignite the gas.

However, there are several scenarios were the flare might not ignite. For instance, ambient conditions may be adverse, or the igniter generated sparks are not powerful enough to ignite the gas. The igniter and/or electrodes may also have aged and are not performing optimally, in which case the flare might also not ignite. If the gas is not ignited the raw and unburned hydrocarbon fuel is released into the air, adding significant amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Omnitek capacitor-based ignition cable will increase the power of the igniter generated sparks significantly, improving igniter/spark generator performance to such a level that ignition of the gas in the flare stack is assured. This substantially reduces air pollution since no raw and unburned hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere.

Omnitek offers high-performance spark generators for all flare-stack applications. These spark generators are usable in remote applications and operate with 12 Volts or 110 Volts.

The Flare Igniter consists of one each:

High-voltage spark generator
Long-reach spark electrode
Patented capacitor-based ignition wire (25 ft)
System ground cable
110VAC/12VDC power supply
12VDC direct battery power cable
Terminal bridge

Retail Price: $650.67

The capacitor-based ignition wire technology is licensed from Nology Engineering, Inc. (www.nology.com/hot.html)

-- For Visual representation of the Capacitor Based Ignition performance, click here.

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