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Oxygen Sensors for Efficient Engine Operation
and Lowest Emissions

The most popular method used by vehicle manufacturers to control the exhaust emissions is the three-way catalyst. This device converts the main pollutants in the exhaust gas to less harmful gasses. However, the three-way catalyst only works efficiently if the air-fuel ratio is within very tight limits. This is the job of the where the oxygen sensor.

The oxygen sensor is situated in the exhaust pipe just before the three-way catalyst. The central element of the oxygen sensor is exposed to the exhaust gas.

The oxygen sensor continuously detects the oxygen content in the exhaust gas. Its output signal is connected to the ECU and changes to indicate a rich or lean fuel mixture. Through its output signal, the sensor "informs" the ECU if the vehicle is running rich or lean. The ECU uses this information to decide whether it needs to increase or decrease the fuel amount to achieve optimum air-fuel ratio. This is referred to as closed loop control. By ensuring that the air:fuel mixture is always correct both combustion and catalyst efficiency are optimized.

1-Wire O2 Sensor & 4-Wire O2 Sensor

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